One Tree Hill is Life. Here’s why : Chapter BROOKE DAVIS

In 2012, One Tree Hill aired its last episode and TV was never the same, at least for me. I grew up with the series, all nine years of it. And throughout those nine years, I always knew, no matter the character, no matter the situation (which, OK, were sometimes way over the top), the series would always provide an honest reflection of what it feels like to be a teenager.

When the last episode aired, I felt just like I did when the Spice Girls performed for the last time, and when Harry Potter’s last words were written: something a little life-altering was coming to a close.

Life lessons can come from any outlet. Whether it be your parents, teachers, friends, etc. so many life lessons are learned through others. When it comes to life, I always consider Fiction to be the best of the teachers. Be it books, Television or poetry.The Scott brothers and their friends graced our TV’s for nine seasons and the life lessons learned over the course of that time will forever be in our hearts. And One Tree Hill, as I always say, is life. There’s Harry Potter and theres One Tree Hill, the only two places i look at when im in need of some serious guidnce. There is nothing about life that this show hasnt covered in any one of the many characters and that’s the beauty of the show. Its nothing out of the ordinary, its just life. But this is how i grew up, learning from ONe tree Hill. I’d very proudly say, I am the person I am because of the show. Here’s listing why.

Things i learnt from Brooke Davis : (Gotta admit, she is the best of the lot)820ff392-d7b5-45f6-bcee-9fdbd59ee629

Here’s what Lucas wrote about her in his book, and i so agree.

She was fiercely independent, Brooke Davis. Brilliant, and beautiful, and brave. In two years she had grown more than anyone I had ever known. Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday. I’m not sure she even knows it.

From the day I started watching One Tree Hill, I wanted to be Brooke Davis. Though beautiful and poised, she made her mistakes and had her flaws; to me, she was a role model at an attainable level. I mean, B. Davis absolutely changed my world. Who doesn’t want to be called “independent,” “brilliant,” “beautiful,” and “brave”?

I’ll admit that I still look to this character for life lessons, and when making decisions, I’ll sometimes think to myself, “What would Brooke Davis do?” I think there’s a great deal we can learn from and aspire to when it comes to fictional characters. With that said, I think we should all aspire to be at least a little bit like Brooke Davis, and here is why.


  •  She is proof that your past does not define your future.
  • She was unapologetic in her vulnerabilitySomething I always admired about Brooke was that she never apologized for feeling the way she did and for expressing those feelings. Whether it was tearfully expressing her desperation for Lucas to want her back or confronting Victoria about her lack of motherly love, Brooke never held back when it came to making sure people knew how she felt about them. She felt deeply without apology, and she never tried to hide that.


  • Even the best of us get insecure and need reassurance from the people we love. Brooke, had everything, yet she felt like she was not good enough, but what makes her an inspiration is how she dealt with it in pride and did her ultimate best to be the person she wanted to be.
  • She went after her dreams fearlessly, but success didn’t change her. : Not everyone can be as ambitious as she was, but we all want what she had, and she was not
    afraid to put immense amount of hard work to get where she wanted to be.
  • C-over-B_purple_logo
  • She always had her priorities right : Clothes over bros, Hoes over psychos, do I need to spell it out any better ? The girl code is serious, people. Brooke knew this.
  • She held out for what she knew she deserved.
  • She was always there for her friends, without an exception. She moved back to Tree Hill for Peyton and she was an amazing godmother to Jamie and Lucas and Nathan both went to her for advice once a while. Thats the kind of friend I want to be.


  • She fought backBrooke was open about her fears, but refused to let them cripple her.

Brooke taught me that everything in life can be dealt with if you do it with grace, kindness and strength. Though most of the times, I still behave like a kid, I try to adapt as many Brooke Davis traits as I can and going down the lane, if I become half the person she was, Id die in peace.

Tell me if i missed anything here,id be glad to add ..


The Brooke Davis Soundtrack :

  • SImple Minds : Don’t you forget about me (obviously)
  • Kate Voegle : Sweet Silver Lining
  • Rosi Golan : Come around
  • The Wreckers : The Good Kind”
  • Butch Walker : Best Thing You Never Had

Chapter : Peyton Sawyer to come soon…..

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