Man’s world : YRF .. a brave new world…

SO here I was, after almost a month of sabbatical from my laptop, the WiFi and my blog ; I had more than 4 posts ready to share when I came across the first episode of this series, and i had to write about it. It’s brave, quirky and defintely phenomenal. Its going to be talked about quite a lot I feel.


The official site of Yash raj films put out a post about this series and i quote,

Man’s World, a comedy, is a what if. What if women treated men, the way men treat women. It is a story about walking a mile in their shoes, in that world. The lead protagonist of the series, Kiran, is a man who believes the world is unfair to men, and soon finds out how unequal, uncomfortable and unfair the treatment to women really was, when he faces gender discrimination as a man in a world that gets ‘flipped’. Kiran is played by Gaurav Pandey, who is being launched by YRF in the series. The series is written and directed by Vikram Gupta, who has earlier directed the Ching’s ‘Hunger Ki Bajao’ campaign TVCs, starring Ranveer Singh and produced by YRF.

YRF has been working closely with Richard Curtis, the writer-director of iconic films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually, and his team at Project everyone, to create this series, to promote Goal 5 of the Global Goals campaign. The aim of Goal 5 is to ‘Achieve gender equality and empower all girls and women, everywhere’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi shall pledge the country’s commitment to Goal 5’s ‘Gender Equality’ on September 25th at the UN General Assembly in New York.

Says Parineeti Chopra, “YRF has always been ahead of its time. It was only natural that if the UN did something in India, YRF would be involved in it. I hope this series brings a positive change in everybody’s life.”

Says Pritish Nandy, “The crux of the matter is that you and I and all of us must practise gender equality all the time in every context without talking too much about it. It’s something that must exist in your life as a matter of fact.“

Says Kalki Koechlin, “It’s fantastic that YRF is working in collaboration with the UN. I really hope the series picks up and people become more conscious about inequality.”

Says Richa Chadda, “It’s a really nice initiative and the script is great fun too. What’s been great to see is that the men associated with the project are also re evaluating themselves. Because feminism isn’t necessarily about hey women we are better than men , it’s the notion that we are created equal.”

YRF Vice President, Ashish Patil says, “Big shout outs & big love to all the fantastic people who’ve come on board and helped turn our first series, Man’s World, into the biggest multistarrer ever on the internet! They’ve all brought in an incredible energy and their own experiences into getting this very important message on gender equality out there to as many people as possible, making Man’s World truly special. We’re hoping our viewers enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.”

I checked out the first episode and while sometimes over the top, it was most definitely an eye opener. I always felts sexism has become less prevalent in the modern times but I guess i just have been protected from the most of it. So, call it feminist, call it gross, call it whatever you want, this series definitely deserves to be seen. India always has been the worst when it comes to being totally and unapologetically patriarchal and this series is a tight slap right across the faces for all of us. A must what if you ask me.

Man’s World will be available to audiences for free on the YFilms’ YouTube channel, starting 29th September. The second episode will premiere on 1st October, the third on 6th October, and the series finale will air on 8th October.

Check out the first episode here :

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