Things I learnt from One Tree Hill : Peyton Sawyer

I was only 17 when I saw One Tree HIll for the first time. But i knew then, Peyton  Sawyer was who I related to the most. SHe was this intense girl with wild curly hair and great taste in music. That’s all i understood about her in the first look but i knew she was beautiful and intriguing and i could relate to the things that went inside her head so well. I fell in love, I started rooting for Peyton and Lucas, I started following the music she followed and I started putting down my emotions inside either a sketchbook or a notebook. Oh and to be blunt, I really only saw the Peyton I respect so much till the 4th season of the show, so here, I write about her. I found the character in the 5th and 6th seasons to be completely not like the real Peyton Sawyer at all.


A riddle, wrapped inside a mystery, inside a bitch. Peyton is this oxymoron of cheerleader and loner. In the beginning of the series, she was dating the most popular guy in school and was best friends with the cheerleading captain. Behind closed doors, though, Peyton finds solace through her art. When she finally learns that her art matters, we all learn the same thing.

One Tree Hill is a show that shaped the lives of everyone that watched. If you followed the lives people lived in Tree Hill, then you completely understand the life lesssons each season brought its viewers. Make sure you have friends like Lucas had at the River Court, love unconditionally like Brooke Davis would, be the best person you can be like Nathan was, deal with pain and life the way Peyton did (just don’t run any red lights in the process), and always follow your dreams the way Haley did. There are so many stories and so many lessons learned from the characters in this show, and there really only ever will be One Tree Hill.

I related to Peyton because I was a kid when I started watching Tree hill and felt in my life “people always leave”, I was the typical tortured loner chick who’s masked by a permanently plastered smile, makeup, and pretty dresses. I went through much more than any teenager girl had to go through and yet every episode I watched was my escape from reality, my reminder that I couldn’t just “survive” life but I had to live it too. I’ll always love Peyton for teaching me that.

Peyton Sawyer for me will always be someone with so much of courage and conviction; She as we see, has been through things we can’t even wrap our heads around but she is a fighter, a survivor. She has courage in spades, and she, like all of us do had a wall built around her heart and soul. Only the people willing to break it down inch by inch could get through, but when they did, she had the most beautiful heart. She was so visual, her way of expressing emotions was in the form of music and sketches and so, we make this post a more visual one, courtesy, Buzzfeed gifs.

Things I learnt from Peyton Sawyer :

Courage : Going through pain is normal, breaking down isn’t. Fighting tooth and nail till you get through is how life wants you to be. Deal with it. FIght back. You’ll come out stronger than ever. You will start figuring it all out on your own.


Conviction : If you want to do something, give it your best shot, or dont. Don’t do things halfway and let them go. Don’t give up midway because you were’nt appreciated. Finish it. Do it for you. Do it with a passion so strong the end result has to be good.


Your Art Matters : Peyton’s artwork changed my life. It showed me a totally new way to express myself and i’m pretty sure everyone who has seen Tree Hill would have some or the other time in their lives wondered how to put out their emotions in sketches like she did.

original (2)

Music always helps : Almost everything I feel about music, I see in Peyton Sawyer too. Music helps, always, Music has the power to make you believe again, to make you feel again, or just make you smile while you’re sad. Its not just a bunch of people thrashing instruments to give you a beat to dance to, Its art, its a part of their soul they put into the song to make you believe again.


Strength of character : Though most of the times I questioned the whole Peyton Brooke Lucas drama, Peyton as a person always had the integrity to steer clear of hurting her friend and even her love for Lucas couldnt change that. Through all she had seen in life, she knew where to stand her ground.


Leap, don’t be scared and wonder what if : Most of the times I’m a blabbermouth, and i say things that people wonder why I do, but I guess I learnt to take a chance and see where it lead me than wondering what if all my life.

c9a93345cf38a83b5b6c07d0be26d5faLook beyond the ordinary, because what good is not great and it always takes efforts to find the great.

giphy (1)

No regrets : Do what you want to do, be the person you want to be, get up and make your life happen, learn in the process. If you make it though, there wont be a happier person than you; if you dont, don’t regret any of  it because what you gained from the experience isn’t something you could learn any other way.


Oh and as an added bonus, she had the most amazing first love ever. Girl had her priorities right, if you ask me.


The Peyton Sawyer Playlist! Wow! Where do I even begin. The girl had the best taste in music I’ve ever seen in a fictional character. These, however may come pretty close.

  • The Cure : To wish impossible things / Lovesong (yes, its by the cure, Adele just made a cover of the song)
  • Elvis Castello : My aim is true / I want you
  • Travis : Love will come through / Reoffender
  • Low vs Diamond : I’ll be
  • Bright Eyes : Waste of Paint
  • Hot water music : All heads Down
  • Dashboard Confessional : The Best Deceptions
  • Nada Surf : Always Love

Came across this beautiful link while researching for this blog, do check it out.

Best One Tree hill music moments :

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