I’ll be your Soldier

Gavin Degraw. One more gift from One Tree Hill. An artist whose music can give you so much. Be it something like telling you how to be truly madly deeply yourself in a world trying to change and define you constantly to songs you just truly adore and can dedicate to the people you love. He has made all those emotions into songs. What’s more is, his songs are truly relatable, and fairly simple, but they say so much!

I’ve always loved this song, Soldier, and most of the times when I love a song this much, I don’t see the video because often the videos have spoilt the songs for me. And that’s probably why, even though I have known and loved this osng for years, it was today that I saw the video.But what a video. And I’m glad I did.

Just like his songs, Gavin Degraw has made what he wants to say very simple in the video too. Solidiers. What’s the first thing you think about when I say soldier? For him, soldiers are those everyday people, people between you and me performing extra ordinary tasks without any selfish gains. And those are the people who are the true heroes. And they deserve for us to atleast recognise them. That’s all he’s saying.

It’s not easy being a ‘soldier’ for anyone, be it one person, or a group of people or the society on the whole. it requires time and efforts and most of all the willingness to do something without expecting anything else back. And though its not easy, its not that rare to find these people today. A lot of us, a few of us, whatever you choose to call them, are ready to get up and try and make a change. This song, the vieo specially is a tribute to all of them and it can’t have been better than this.

An amazing song, beautiful lyrics, and a simple yet impactful video. What else do we need.

The video is a dedication to the wounded warriors project and this post is a dedication for all of us who have a soldier inside of us, and are just waiting to be unleashed, and to all those who already are soldering.

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