Nayantara’s Necklace : All that glitters is not gold.

Based on the Shakespearean principle of all that glitters not being gold, comes Nayantara’s necklace, a short film from the makes of the critically acclaimed Ahalya. Its a simple story, presented beautifully and very symbolically yet direct. 20 minutes is a good time for a short movie like this which says what it wants to in ways we all understand, yet makes us think at the ironies of life in those 20 minutes.

We all yearn to live a better life and most often forget to cherish and appreciate what we have. Director Jaydeep Sarkar’s short film ‘Nayantara’s Necklace’ brilliantly highlights the longing that we all nurse in our heart to be someone else, someone better than us.The makers of critically acclaimed ‘Ahalya’- Large Short Films- have produced this film as well. While the two are strikingly different from each other, they series is surely raising the bar of cinema in India. Each of the films are unique and boast of marvellous performances.


Featuring Konkona Sen Sharma, Tilottama Shome and Gulshan Deviah, ‘Nayantara’s Necklace’ is a bitter-sweet tale of friendship of two polar opposite women. Shome plays a middle-class housewife who befriends Nayantara (Sen Sharma) a high flying jet setter. Nothing is common between the two except for the fact that their sons study in the same school. An uncanny friendship is formed where Shome is seen emulating Nayantara’s style and mannerisms not at all being aware of the deep dark secrets that her new friend hides behind that smile.

A beautiful scene in the twenty minute long film has the two women discussing a long forgotten crush (Devaiah in a charming cameo) and Nayantara teaching her naive friend the nuances of sipping wine. Beautifully performed by the two actresses, the scene puts a smile on your face.

Nayantara’s Necklace, director Jaydeep Sarkar seems to want to show that clichés become clichés because there is a kernel of truth buried somewhere in them. And a job well done, I’d say.

Check out the movie here.

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