Tamasha : Imtiaz Ali did it again

Everyone I know asked me the same question today. How was Tamasha? Its Imtiaz Ali, A R Rahman, Irshad Kamil : Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. A movie couldn’t ask for a better team to work with and as viewers, its all of ours dream come true.

Well. Let me start by saying. Tamasha isn’t a love story. In fact Tamasha is a horror story. One which almost all of us can relate to. It is the horror of losing yourself and not being able to find yourself back. It is the horror of being beaten and bent into someone you are not till you can’t even remember who you were. Until all you can do is be the part you are playing.

That is what Tamasha is all about. I don’t think a lot of people would like the movie. It is a metaphor. And those who get it, it is too close to reality for them and to others, it would be just a messed up love story. So no. Not everyone may like it. It is not easy to face, the movie. Its like a mirror. The minute it shows you the reality, you start avoiding it. Hating it.

You know how some stories are so close to home, they give you the chills everytime you see them or think bout them, because it is unrealistically similar and its scary as hell to see your own fate in some character. Tamasha will be like that for most of us.



Imtiaz Ali is a master story teller. He understands and portrays human psychology like no one else can. With Tamasha, he used it to his advantage. He lures you in, with the two most beautiful actors with a chemistry you rarely find and a photographic journey that all of us want. He lures you in and smacks a mirror across your face till you start questioning yourself and every decision you have taken.

Tamasha : A show : The movie is a brilliantly told story of Ved;  it looks like a perfectly normal story till suddenly, it becomes your story. Or someone you love’s story. The movie starts off with the most beautiful 10 minutes you will see as a prologue. The narrative goes in and out of stories to create a new story all together. Ved’s story. Those 10 minutes will tell you everything you will love about the movie. Absolutely astounding art direction, Beautiful photography, a soundtrack that can take you places and has a character of its own, yet strangely blends in the story; Two actors we all know and love and a story that speaks to you at a very emotional level.


The lines

Kahani kahani hoti hai, harr jagah wohi kahani. Sikandar ho ya Ram, Lanka ho ya Troy. Kahani kahani hi rehti hai; unginat saalo se wohi purane, tere mere ishq ki wohi kahani aati jaati hai

begin the actual movie. It is a perfect prologue which shows a how in a child’s eye, the myths blend into reality. The blending of narrative into narratives is amazing.

The movie goes into the Corsica part : we have the standard meet cute, Escape from life, a pact to not reveal themselves and a love which was unavoidable. Matargashti reminded me a lot of Hawaa Hawaa in terms of the art direction and the location. Infact all the locations used are the places you will find in one or the other Imtiaz Ali movie.


The movie has explored multiple themes in Tamasha and it is truly a masterpiece in terms of the acting, the plot and the story-telling. It is the story of a story-teller, Ranbir Kapoor, who lives in the world of imaginary tales. Be it Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, Ram-Sita or Helen of Troy, he loves them all and believes his life to be just like theirs. Logic is beyond him – the pure practicalities of Maths and numbers jarr him. The movie is completely about Ved and Ved only. And who better than Ranbir kapoor to put him to life?

I have read a lot of articles about Ranbir Kapoor and his lack of success in the recent year and how Tamasha can be his make of break movie . Well guess what, Ranbir delivers. And what a performance! There”s this sadness in his eyes,almost Jordan like; they are old and lost and look at the world lihe he’s pleading to the world to see through the façade.


For his part, Ranbir is brilliant to say the least. The actor breathes life into his Ved when he needs to, and snips the lifeline and turns him into a machine when the story demands so. Flipping in between the two different people, his role-playing and real Ved, (almost reminded me of Tyler Durden in this one scene)Kapoor undoes all that his last two/three films have done to his career. When together, Deepika and Ranbir engender strange feelings in the viewer. You crave for more of them together, incessantly.

Tamasha is an experience to revel in. the more you think about it the more it will make you think. Just in the movie hall itself I was thinking about how playing around the lines is what all of us do with our lives lately till we either cross them or are scared of them. How it’s not like we cannot live our lives alone, but all of us need that one person who tries incessantly to bring you back from whatever hell you’ve been through. How the world tortures the wild and young and carefree to normal and socially acceptable, slave to a system that works out for no one really. How all you need is one person to show you who you really are and only one person to appreciate all you really are.


Deepika is a strong everyday girl. She exceeds expectations by being there. All the time. She is what every girl will relate to. She is what you’d call cool, empowered, strong willed but she still loves like there’s no other way to do it. She is uninhibited, she s a whiff of fresh wind. She still is the girl who just loves the guy she loves and will do anything to get him back, even if it is saving him from himself.

Also i’d like to applaud Imtiaz Ali for creating one of the strongest female characters I’ve seen in a very long time. GOne are the days of damsels in distress. We are young and capable enough to go roam about the world, be on our own, fall in love, be spontaneous, and still be ourselves. Tara is who all of us aim to be and most of us are. She sees the person she loves, only someone truly in love can stick around long enough to bring out the person she wants and sees and loves and appreciates.



There are those rare films which make you not want to write a review, not want to conform to the norm, not want to get back to the tedium that is the daily life. In the recent-day Bollywood, a few films make the cut. Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor’s Tamasha is one of them. Director Imtiaz Ali has created a delectable experience called Tamasha. And yes, like the tagline says, why always the same story?

It was almost painful. Ved’s struggle with his own existence and the audience laughing at it. Its exactly what the movie is trying to tell you and exactly what you’re missing about some or the other person around you.

In all, Tamasha is vintage wine. There are inhibitions that keep you from falling head-over-heels in love with the film the first time you watch it. Once done away with the initial hesitation, Tamasha is an experience. Watch the film for, well, everything.

All quoted notes are by Ananya : India today : http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/tamasha-movie-review-deepika-ranbir-or-imtiaz-spot-the-rockstar-here-tamasha-review-story-release/1/532794.html

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