Placebo Screening : Zero MM Film Festival

It has been the most discussed documentary film in its four years of making. Placebo, which made its international premier last year November, is now competing for the audience choice award at the prestigious HotDocs, North America’s largest documentary film festival. “The other Indian films in the section are all making their world premier, as is the festival’s general norm. The fact that Placebo made it, despite already having premièred, speaks about their faith in the film,” says Abhay Kumar, director. The film will be screened on April 30 and May 1.

 Placebo follows four students in a top medical school in India. The documentary, which uses tools of fiction, attempts to investigate the violence that originates from the brightest minds of India. As for its India premier, Kumar sees the Mumbai Film Festival as a possibility, although nothing has been confirmed yet. He says, “There is no point releasing the film in theatres in just four metros. We want to reach out to places such as Kota, Nagpur and Chandigarh. The film speaks directly to people from these small cities who spend years to get admission into a top medical institute. We want to have campus screenings to begin the buzz in India.”



The Campus screenings are finally happening. Catch the movie at the Zero MM film Festival, Campus Diaries here :

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