IN HIS TRANCE :The Diary of a 13 year old..

This is an article written by my 13 year old sister, Bhakti Jain, who is an avid A R Rahman fan and someday wishes to attend his music academy, KMMC . This year I took her to watch her first A R Rahman performance at NH7 Pune, and this is her experience, which I felt was so beautiful I had to share. 

It all started with one word – “Rahman.” You could hear it, you could feel it, the heart of all the people – well, Id rather use the word, ‘Rahmaniacs’, beating vigorously, playing a single note. A note unknown to the world, at least now it is, but that day at that moment, we all knew it. That note was called ‘Rahman’.

Shouts and whoops and his songs filled the air as a welcome to this ‘Isai Payal’. Even before his performance, the other bands and their performances didn’t get responses to their names, but in Rahman’s  name. But being a highly disciplined person, he came sharp at 8.30 pm, his designated time.


Many people mistook few people on the stage as ARR but his entry was the spark on the stage. As soon as his fingers touched the piano, he struck the first notes, he created his own new aura that wasn’t present at any other bands’ performance at NH7 Pune. The music enlightened that part of your soul that was asleep all this time. It made me drunk in itself. Words had no place there. All that mattered was the music of A R Rahman and the noise us ans made with him. That chaos was the charm of the event. It was an interaction between him and us. He, who brings out this from my heart

“Hum nadaan parindo ko tumne fir se udd chalaya

Tum tak matarghati hai sadda haq

Dil se rehna tu hai jaisa tu

Jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan.”


You could say he’s magic, 

he’ll say it’s the music that is magic

you could say his voice is amazing

He’ll say ” That’s surprising!”

You couls say he is crazy.

He’ll just conclude “Kun Faya Kun!”

He IS crazy – the way his timetable is, the random way in which he creates his music, But this crazy results in something that makes us all crazy.

Throughout the concert, I felt as if I was silently talking with him. Halwafway through, I felt one song of Rockstar – his best album was too less. If you’re wondering, it was Phir se udd Chala. BUt then, as soon as i felt he needs to play more of Rockstar, He got up from his piano and asked,

“Do you want another Rockstar?” I shouted out loud ” Sadda Haq” and others shouted “nadaan Parindey”. the next second, I heard the soundtrack o Sadda Haq. You may call it a co incidence but “Yahi des hai tera!”


Though it was a one and a half hour long concert, it felt short. It ended surprisingly, no notifications from his side. He just walked off the stage, creating an oblivion for long moments. We’d thought he’d come back, because just a while ago, he actually did leave the stage and came back and calmed the audience. I guess he too has a “patakha” or “Jhalkhaleran mode. At that time, it was on. He stood silently in the middle of the stage, for a whole minute and then like a gust of thunder, notes hit our ears and then he started, ” O humdum Suniyo rey!” 

But this time, he’d actually left. People started shouting “once more once more” as soon as he completed the last song, but no response. When he left the stage, we shouted,”one more song.” I started shouting “Vande Mataram” because he’d not performed that one. People followed me and seemed like the live, realistic scene straight from ‘Rang de Basanti’

But he’d left. 

That’s it guy! It’s Over. 

Don’t scroll down for more and save your battery for the next time.

Because more on and one more Rahman performances are as rare as eternities. 

Bhakti is an aspiring musician and an avid Harry Potter fan. SHe actually had tears in her eyes when Rahman struck the first chords on his piano and the result is this article. This is her first article. And she continues to make me proud everyday.


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