Love is the Only Reason We are Alive

Falling in love at 85, A poem by the American Poet, IN-Q.

I recently stumbled upon this while just scrolling through poems and slams on Youtube. And can I just say, a poem can be anything from a drunken rant to a political agenda to a revolutionary saga. It can also be an epic love letter. This one is one epic love story.

Over the period of years, we have come to a notion that love is replaceable, that it isn’t something that we need, but just want. We have started disregarding the importance of the kind of love that we think we only see in movies. The soul-shattering, heartwarming love which has the ability to make anyone’s heart melt. And every once in a while, we come across a book, a movie or a memoir which reminds us, that even though times have changed and lives have changed, in the end, isn’t everything we do in life, to be loved a little more?

This poem is the perfect example of that kind of love. One which doesn’t alter as it alteration finds, but rather grows as time flies. It is a classic reminder of how love is all we need, and the Beatles had it right. Or so did J K Rowling when she said love was the only thing that separated Harry from Voldemort and won him the battle of Hogwarts. This poem, simple, yet powerful tells one epic love story, one which we all secretly hope we  have.

GO ahead, fall in love, revel in it. Don’t shy from love, because in the end, all of us deserve love.


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