Kapoor and Sons : Heart, Body, Soul

Karan Johar and Dharma Productions prove that they do family like no other. I have always believed, when it comes to family, and people, and understanding the family dynamics, Karan Johar does it the best. He isnt without his flaws, he is a victim to the vanity and the gloss that goes in and around the enitre film industry. So coming from the house of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, and Student of the Year, where exageration is at its highest, Kapoor and Sons, is a welcome departure. Shakun Batra, an expert story teller, bringing forward  a change, definetely for the better.

It’s not every day that people have the courage to show raw emotions on screen, specially when it comes to families. We all have them, we all know them, and we all do not accept that in the end, families are what they are. Dysfunctional. People put together not by choice, but by blood. And how, in the end, however dysfunctional we all are together, we find a way. Of making things work. Because dysfunctional or not, there’s always the bond and the love, and care and concern and in the end, those always win.


The movie is an intense and incisive in its observation of human inadequacies.None of the Kapoors is a perfect individual above resorting to lies, subterfuge and flashes of terrible rage. But they are all absolutely human – capable as much of over-reaction as of forgiveness.

‘Kapoor And Sons‘ brings forward a never seen before nuance and complexity to the dysfunctional family genre. It focuses on the Kapoors—a whimsical grandfather obsessed with dying, his world-weary accountant son and long-suffering wife dealing with a marriage that’s fast disintegrating and their sons, one of them a successful novelist and considered the “perfect son” and the other a struggling novelist and drifter who’s grappling with being “second best”. The dynamics between each and every character is delved into with great sensitivity — I especially loved the way the relationship between Mother and Sons, and Brother and Brother were handled.


The movie is great example of meticulous planning on the Director’s part. The writers of the film, Shakun Batra and Ayesha Devitre Dhillon, have done a fabulous job in providing every major character a chance to flourish. Rahul’s character grows, so does Arjun’s. Tia takes center-stage, but without cutting into someone else’s breathing space.

When you meet Rishi Kapoor’s character, you immediately realise his love for theatrics, but you also see a method in his madness. His irrepressible desire to watch porn can’t conceal his longing for a family photo. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm for life isn’t contagious as Harsh and Sunita are struggling hard to save their marriage. But, it’s something based on trust and breach of that may result in permanent damage.


The plot does become predictable at times, but it the screenplay, the way each scene build up to a crescendo, that keeps you sitting through it all.

Ratna Pathak as a jealous and tired housewife is absolutely a delight to watch. You can always distinguish a veteran actor when you see one on stage, with newer actors. The way the emotions float on her face, you can see the real person behind it. She, along with Fawad Khan, who feels like doesnt act, but inhibits the character he is in, are the highlight of the actors. The only person who at times felt weak as an actor was Siddharth Malhotra, who, even though played an immensely complex character, felt a bit flat on the face.

Apart from the flawless starcast, one who truly deserves the applause is the film’s director Shakun Batra. His fresh take on the familial relation in today’s time is relatable. It is simple, fresh, dramatic in its own rights.

You know a director has done his job well when the plot never misses the line it has been build upon. Neither is it ever overshadowed by the presence of so many stars. Yes there is a love story, but it never overpowers the basic intention of the film. It is ust like a sub-plot, another space altogether weaved smartly with the troubled family.

I found myself smiling through the extended family get together: the guitar, the song, the happiness and the ache–why can’t we fix things and become happy again? It’s about the chaos of relationships, yet about an overarching stability. The redemption is not in running away from the family but coming within the fold. It is still all about loving your family.


I absolutely loved the movie;  for being spontaneous, precise, fast paced and above all, lovable in all its flaws. It puts you back to the time when you thought just how perfect your family was, but now avoid it all. It makes you realise just how imperfect things can be, but you love all those imperfections in a perfect way. A fantastic family drama after a long time.

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