The Gift of being able to see things Beautifully..

-Written by Alanis Miagao
Art taught me that everything is beautiful.
When you make love. When you create something. When you look outside your window to catch the sun set. Watching your favorite movie for the billionth time.
Beauty has no boundaries. Beauty is in everything that we see, feel and touch.
To be able to see thing beautifully, we have to look through everything.
Isn’t it wonderful to love someone? Because then, we look past their appearance. We think a song is beautiful because of its lyrics. When we see paintings, we search for its history because we’re curious on how it’s made or what’s the inspiration behind it.
I think we should do that to everything. People just tend to look at what they can see. And I think that’s a problem. I think it’s such a disgrace to this beautiful thing called earth. I think it makes the society even more ugly.
And to make this thing called earth more beautiful, we should look through things.
When you meet a person, don’t judge. Know their story, what they’ve been through. When you listen to a song you hate, search for its lyrics. When you look at something, look through it. Know everything.
It’ll help us see art in everything. I think that abstract things are beautiful, too. Like love, pain and lust. Solid, liquid or in whatever form that every thing is.
Let us look through things. Let us see everything beautifully, then there won’t be so much dirt in our eyes.


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