Its been a Year!

Red Hair and Other Colors is a year old! 

It was a year ago, the day i started telling my story, my hopes and dreams and ideas and emotions out to you people. Things i thought needed to be said, stories that needed to be shared and emotions that needed to be felt.

It has been a roller-coaster of a journey! But one thing that has been a constant is how you people, the readers always come back! I have grown up reading stories and listening to music that is people, and their stories, and today, I am the person whose ideas and stories are being read, and there cannot be a bigger privilege for someone like me.

I see everyday, how many readers come back to the stories shared and articles written, and this coming year, i shall try my best to give more and write more. Thank you for being so kind to me and my work, here’s to hoping for one more year of more and more inspiration, success and celebration!


PS: At this moment the only song that I can think of to celebrate is

Coldplay : Adventure of a Lifetime


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6 thoughts on “Its been a Year!

    1. Hey you, thank you so very much for the appreciation, it means the world to me.
      Secondly, i think most of it is, write from the heart, write about what matters to you the most, and write, regularly.
      i have slacked a little bit in the last year but i try to write a post atleast once a month. the more you write, the better you will get. Keep up the good work, im sure i am going to learn so much from your blog!


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