Monumentalism and Representation of Women across monuments : Erasure and the Subliminal Impact

An ‘imagined identity’ which had the opportunity to make humans out of us all, chose to ‘stand erect’, literally. Declaring openly in 1890, Germany’s Otto Bismarck himself said the following while considering the figure of Germania as the monumental symbol for the United Germany. “I don’t find the figure of Germania appropriate. A female beingContinue reading “Monumentalism and Representation of Women across monuments : Erasure and the Subliminal Impact”

Obama : Audacity to still Hope…

The cover, titled “Reflection,” by Bob Staake, was published eight years ago to honor his victory. I don’t claim to understand politics. Sometimes I have no idea what to think, but I think I know people. And maybe integrity when I see it.  This man, whoever and however, has earned the right to be thoroughlyContinue reading “Obama : Audacity to still Hope…”

In defense of Rory Gilmore An honest review : A Year in Life

It’s not everyday that a story decides to redo its ending. The creators take another go at what should have been. For Gilmore Girls and Amy Sherman and Daniel Palladimo, it was exactly that. And man, there were a lot of expectations on the revival. Almost everyone I know is talking about it, what theyContinue reading “In defense of Rory Gilmore An honest review : A Year in Life”

Is New Always Better?

This post was originally published in the Verve Magazine on APRIL 17, 2016 by    Nisha Jhangiani. I found it an interesting read. Appealing and thought provoking. Are we getting carried away with our innovations?   Snapchat — a mobile app that allows users to send and receive ‘self-destructing’ photos and videos. Photos and videosContinue reading “Is New Always Better?”

Emma Watson for Esquire UK.

Its not a secret that  I am a big fan of Emma Watson and the feminism movement. So when this interview appeared for the Esquire Uk, it was something I had to share. Check it out. Its important! Emma Watson played Hermione Granger in eight Harry Potter movies between 2001 and 2011, beginning when sheContinue reading “Emma Watson for Esquire UK.”

Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend : Offensive?

This is the official video for the Hymn for The Weekend, A song in the latest Coldplay album, Head full of Dreams. When this album released, I, like every Coldplay fan was so excited about it, waiting for it for days; downloading it the first chance I got. But contrary to my excitement, the albumContinue reading “Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend : Offensive?”

Slash and Kennedy performed in India : AND I WAS THERE!

Overwhelming. Unreal. Spellbound. Words keep tumbling out of my mouth, all meaning the same thing because as much as I kept on saying I want to catch all musicians I know and adore perform live when I start earning, it was always a thought never reality. But it was! I had been talking about SlashContinue reading “Slash and Kennedy performed in India : AND I WAS THERE!”

Mental Disorders : Read and Learn.

I have always been fascinated by psychology in general. The workings of the mind and why a person behaves the way they do and what prompts them to take a particular decision is something I love to study. It started with my mother and her Xray eyes I guess when she never missed a thingContinue reading “Mental Disorders : Read and Learn.”

Nayantara’s Necklace : All that glitters is not gold.

Based on the Shakespearean principle of all that glitters not being gold, comes Nayantara’s necklace, a short film from the makes of the critically acclaimed Ahalya. Its a simple story, presented beautifully and very symbolically yet direct. 20 minutes is a good time for a short movie like this which says what it wants toContinue reading “Nayantara’s Necklace : All that glitters is not gold.”