Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight : True Romance

Three years ago, a friend told me about two movies and ‘Nothing happening in the movie except conversations.’ and I think, Well, the guy who made the movies must have a lot of guts to have faith in his audience. Little did I know Richard Linklater, did not only have faith but a heart andContinue reading “Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight : True Romance”

If your love hurts, its not love..

This article was first published on Leave if your love hurts you.Leave if it is always more pain than it is joy.Contrary to what they’ll tell you,Love does not make the world spin around. You can want someone, baby.You can want them until you’re raw.That kind of longing can turn you into water afterContinue reading “If your love hurts, its not love..”

It’s never too soon to say I Love You…

I recently came across this article on with the same title, and it made me think,  We live in a society where emotions and friendships and time and love have become a game. There’s a proper procedure to be followed if you want the other person to return your emotions, there is a properContinue reading “It’s never too soon to say I Love You…”

Love is the Only Reason We are Alive

Falling in love at 85, A poem by the American Poet, IN-Q. I recently stumbled upon this while just scrolling through poems and slams on Youtube. And can I just say, a poem can be anything from a drunken rant to a political agenda to a revolutionary saga. It can also be an epic loveContinue reading “Love is the Only Reason We are Alive”

John Green on Mental Illness

Over the years, I’ve had a few extended periods in which I lived with very limited control over my thoughts. I assume that everyone has the occasional intrusive thought; that seems fairly normal to me—at least until I pause to consider it: How is it that you can’t control your thoughts, when to at leastContinue reading “John Green on Mental Illness”

Nayantara’s Necklace : All that glitters is not gold.

Based on the Shakespearean principle of all that glitters not being gold, comes Nayantara’s necklace, a short film from the makes of the critically acclaimed Ahalya. Its a simple story, presented beautifully and very symbolically yet direct. 20 minutes is a good time for a short movie like this which says what it wants toContinue reading “Nayantara’s Necklace : All that glitters is not gold.”

Things I learnt from One Tree Hill : Peyton Sawyer

I was only 17 when I saw One Tree HIll for the first time. But i knew then, Peyton  Sawyer was who I related to the most. SHe was this intense girl with wild curly hair and great taste in music. That’s all i understood about her in the first look but i knew sheContinue reading “Things I learnt from One Tree Hill : Peyton Sawyer”

Emma Watson On HeForShe – watch the Vogue Video (

We all know the The He for She campaign. As fellow Potterheads, its something we pride ourselves on, because Im sure we all want to be a part of a belief system that is so strong and appealing and something we all relate to. The September issue of Vogue is the biggest issue of theContinue reading “Emma Watson On HeForShe – watch the Vogue Video (”