The Unabashed Endearing Vulnerability of Call me By your Name

I have to admit, I havn’t explored director Luca Guadagnino’s work before. But I have read the book Call me By your Name, so watching the movie was something I was dreading. But imagine my surprise when I came across a movie that made me forget to actually compare it to the book. (that, neverContinue reading “The Unabashed Endearing Vulnerability of Call me By your Name”

Stranger Things 2 : What A Beauty

If you thought Stranger Things 1 had you on your toes and edge of your seats, wait till you begin this season. It smart, its nostalgic, its emotional, and its even more crazy than you’d have imagined!

La la land : Love in the times of reality!

Last year this time, I saw a movie that changed my definition of love for good. Tamasha by Imtiaz Ali, made me rethink all I thought I knew about love.  And here comes another. La La Land. Is more than a love story yet, love is all it is about.  A stunning montage of theContinue reading “La la land : Love in the times of reality!”

In defense of Rory Gilmore An honest review : A Year in Life

It’s not everyday that a story decides to redo its ending. The creators take another go at what should have been. For Gilmore Girls and Amy Sherman and Daniel Palladimo, it was exactly that. And man, there were a lot of expectations on the revival. Almost everyone I know is talking about it, what theyContinue reading “In defense of Rory Gilmore An honest review : A Year in Life”

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight : True Romance

Three years ago, a friend told me about two movies and ‘Nothing happening in the movie except conversations.’ and I think, Well, the guy who made the movies must have a lot of guts to have faith in his audience. Little did I know Richard Linklater, did not only have faith but a heart andContinue reading “Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight : True Romance”

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child : Spoiler Free, I swear!

I gotto admit. I cried a little. Yesterday when i held the book in my hands and the proceeded to read it in the bus trip home, i cried a little. And laughed, and worried and loved and cared. I did all that just because I had a new Harry Potter book in my hands, afterContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child : Spoiler Free, I swear!”

The Fountain : 10 years of ingenuity

Admit it, there are some movies that people, in general just don’t like. These movies are just too abstract, too out there, too ambitious too confused for them. While this might be true, the confusion might be real, this sheer genius is over looked by critics and people who just refuse to see beyond theContinue reading “The Fountain : 10 years of ingenuity”

Me Before You : Movie review

I think watching a movie based on a book is one of the toughest thing to do for a book lover. Everything we see, we want to be an exact replica of how we thought the plot should turn out to be.We compare and find these weird, small, big, even  stupid contrasts and start criticisingContinue reading “Me Before You : Movie review”