#MeToo : What it does NOT mean

The first thing I saw yesterday morning was Andrea Gibson’s Me too status. It left me a little bit puzzled. But the minute I delved into it, the whole thing got pretty clear. By the end of the day, I opened my Facebook timeline to see almost every girl write a #MeToo status. It had spreadContinue reading “#MeToo : What it does NOT mean”

Emma Watson for Esquire UK.

Its not a secret that  I am a big fan of Emma Watson and the feminism movement. So when this interview appeared for the Esquire Uk, it was something I had to share. Check it out. Its important! Emma Watson played Hermione Granger in eight Harry Potter movies between 2001 and 2011, beginning when sheContinue reading “Emma Watson for Esquire UK.”

This is where it all began …

So, here it is! A platform of my own! where do i start!? Red hair and other colors is a blog about life, love literature, music and most importantly, Fashion. it may sound old and cliche, but I promise not to male it so. Here goes my first post.. As i was growing up, booksContinue reading “This is where it all began …”