Beatles : Some lesser known facts

Courtesy : Shaishav Gandhi, Programmer, Musician : Quora These completely blew me over and I consider myself a Beatles fanatic 😛 The version of Love Me Do appearing in the Please Please Me album had drums performed by Andy White, a session drummer and not Ringo. The single version however, did feature Ringo Got To Get YouContinue reading “Beatles : Some lesser known facts”

David Bowie : End of an Era : Rock’s Most Mutable Star

It is no exaggeration to say that modern music probably begins with David Bowie. Treating sound as style, and career development as a succession of artfully conceived paradigm shifts, Bowie had provided the blueprint for enduring megastar success ever since, from Michael Jackson to Madonna to U2 to Prince, Bowie’s mastery of the essential elementsContinue reading “David Bowie : End of an Era : Rock’s Most Mutable Star”

IN HIS TRANCE :The Diary of a 13 year old..

This is an article written by my 13 year old sister, Bhakti Jain, who is an avid A R Rahman fan and someday wishes to attend his music academy, KMMC . This year I took her to watch her first A R Rahman performance at NH7 Pune, and this is her experience, which I feltContinue reading “IN HIS TRANCE :The Diary of a 13 year old..”

Slash and Kennedy performed in India : AND I WAS THERE!

Overwhelming. Unreal. Spellbound. Words keep tumbling out of my mouth, all meaning the same thing because as much as I kept on saying I want to catch all musicians I know and adore perform live when I start earning, it was always a thought never reality. But it was! I had been talking about SlashContinue reading “Slash and Kennedy performed in India : AND I WAS THERE!”

Things I learnt from One Tree Hill : Peyton Sawyer

I was only 17 when I saw One Tree HIll for the first time. But i knew then, Peyton  Sawyer was who I related to the most. SHe was this intense girl with wild curly hair and great taste in music. That’s all i understood about her in the first look but i knew sheContinue reading “Things I learnt from One Tree Hill : Peyton Sawyer”

This is where it all began …

So, here it is! A platform of my own! where do i start!? Red hair and other colors is a blog about life, love literature, music and most importantly, Fashion. it may sound old and cliche, but I promise not to male it so. Here goes my first post.. As i was growing up, booksContinue reading “This is where it all began …”

Subcultures : Where are they now???

PART I : “Subcultures are meaning systems, modes of expression or life styles developed by groups in subordinate structural positions in response to dominant meaning systems, and which reflect their attempt to solve structural contradictions rising from the wider societal context” says Michael Brake. The significance of subcultures for their participants is that they offerContinue reading “Subcultures : Where are they now???”

Grunge : A lost movement

GRUNGE : A movement Why does popular music change? Why do we, as creators and consumers of music and culture, rebel against what appears to be harmonious and correct? Although the answers to these questions may be many, the musical soundscape of Seattle during the early nineties gives an insight into how the modern generationsContinue reading “Grunge : A lost movement”