We Get Through: A Pandemy Cookbook

A community cookbook of Recipes and Reflections by humans living through the global COVID 19 pandemic. For two years, we were separate and stuck inside watching the world fall apart, and currently three years into it, we’re still reeling from the effects of this shifting time. The core of this book is processing our relationshipsContinue reading “We Get Through: A Pandemy Cookbook”

Navigating Visas in Creative Fields – Artist Talk By Guanyu Xu

On Friday, March 25th at 6 pm CST , LATITUDE January Artist in Residence, Guanyu Xu hosted a conversation with art critic Darshita Jain, Attorney Linda Ge Lei, and Case Manager Aurora Chou who will also share their experiences navigating the immigration visa process. Guanyu is a Chicago artist who has gone through the processContinue reading “Navigating Visas in Creative Fields – Artist Talk By Guanyu Xu”

Tiny Monthly Checkins

A very integral part of Povera and my work as a poet / educator / organizer was regularly checking in with friends, family, and mentees. What helped me unlock most intimate connections was being the first one to open up – be vulnerable. When I moved to Chicago in mid-2018, I feared losing those connections.Continue reading “Tiny Monthly Checkins”

Exhale …

It has been two years since my journey with Spoken word Poetry began. More than 7 years since my recognition of my declining mental health did. Speaking about it, did not begin in the first 5 years. Neither did acknowledging it exists, so any prospects of help or medication was certainly out of question. IContinue reading “Exhale …”

Spoken word poetry : The journey so far!

It hasn’t been long, my dalliance with spoken word poetry. While I always have been writing, I never really found a direction I wanted my writing to be taken in. It was always trying my hand at this and that and seeing what works the best. And on a very similar conquest, I came acrossContinue reading “Spoken word poetry : The journey so far!”