We Get Through: A Pandemy Cookbook

A community cookbook of Recipes and Reflections by humans living through the global COVID 19 pandemic. For two years, we were separate and stuck inside watching the world fall apart, and currently three years into it, we’re still reeling from the effects of this shifting time. The core of this book is processing our relationships to food and how our minds and bodies can hold on to trauma. Many of us have been taught to think that food is something to be locked up and rationed, pleasure is something to be earned, and these fleshy vessels to be weighed, speculated, and regulated. The editor hopes that with this book, we can offer a quiet place to unpack all that.

Featuring contributions from 29 HUMANS around the globe, this collection spends time with emotions, breakdowns, and breakthroughs of driving a body with needs in a crumbling reality.

PRE-Order Here https://www.saaltpress.com/shop/p/pandemycookbook-tier01https://www.saaltpress.com/shop/p/pandemycookbook-tier01

Published by darshitajain

artist | poet | journalist | human

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