Interview : Aaron Edwards of Pop Up Magazine

Minor feelings and whatever is the opposite of shame is.

Where did Dalgona Coffee come from? Not from Tiktok.

Lesser Known Stories with Trans Activist Sumi Das

Dear Mr. Bob Hicok

Kashmir on lockdown, 3 months in

On Paige Lewis’ Space Struck 

Shelving the Stereotypes @ SAIC

Ironheart #1: Chicago Has a New Hometown Hero

Me Too vs #MeToo

Sacred Sexuality: Hillel Lunch ‘n’ Learn at SAIC

Decolonization Dinner at SAIC

Lan Tuazon’s Future Fossils

Fifty Years Later, “The Time is Now”

Ibrahim Mahama: Transcending the Gallery

Adroit Journal 

Conversation with Contributors: Jericho Brown

Conversation with Contributors: Fatimah Asghar 

Ahmedabad India

Review: Words Have Been Uttered by Sunil Shanbag

Gujarat Literature Festival 2018: Closing Review 

Review: Item by Arpita Dhagat – Misogyny and Bollywood 

Review: Mitul Kajaria’s Living Monuments 

Review: Nagjibhai Chauhan, not so forgotten after all 

more from Ahmedabad, India 

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