• Literary Editing
    Work done as literary editor for FnewMagazine in my time at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago between 2019 to 2020.
  • Video work
    As a part of my work at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I learnt to made video essays. I started using the camera to replace my eyes, and on the days when my depression overtook me as a person, the camera became how I saw the world. In my video work, IContinue reading “Video work”
  • Tiny Monthly Checkins
    A very integral part of Povera and my work as a poet / educator / organizer was regularly checking in with friends, family, mentees. What helped me unlock most intimate connections was being the first one to open up – be vulnerable. When I moved to Chicago in mid-2018, I feared losing those connections. AsContinue reading “Tiny Monthly Checkins”
  • Good News Daily!
    What ? A set of cards/card sized paper prints with a fact that makes you smile when you read it.  One side of the card has the “did you hear?” illustration in riso, or Good News Daily in old school print (has to be interesting enough for people to pick it up)  The other sideContinue reading “Good News Daily!”
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