Good News Daily!

What ?

  • A set of cards/card sized paper prints with a fact that makes you smile when you read it. 
  • One side of the card has the “did you hear?” illustration in riso, or Good News Daily in old school print (has to be interesting enough for people to pick it up) 
  • The other side will have a typed out ‘news’ thing with a tiny note on the bottom saying these notes can be reused to give to someone who is having a bad day, or folded n put in a jar of feel good things, or a scrapbook. (I wonder if i can make that too )

Things happening around that have just made people smile. And think for a while when presented as “news.”

Being glued to the television, reading the paper or surfing the Internet increases ratings and market shares – but it also raises the probability of depression relapse.


  • Because these things matter
  • It’s important to put a lens to things that are very basic very day to day but are what make the day function the way it does
  • To demonstrate personal is political 
  • Erasure and detournement 

These are simple, no-frills strategies, like being present and showing up for what you can, like your work and your friends and your trivia night and your cat. Limit your phone time and consumption of Internet content, whether that’s social media, the 24-hour news cycle, or both. Our smartphones now feel like baby monitors that we should constantly be checking, but they can quickly turn into triggers for feelings of fear, isolation, sadness, despair, helplessness, anger, and frustration. Made time to see people in person, even if that’s just choosing to video chat versus texting — it made a huge difference. Got involved with the community (in my case Jones hall, SAIC)

Personal is political.  

Political is personal. 

Happiness as an act of resistance.   


  • IRL : cards – riso and laser print
  • Online : Pinterest and Newsletter 
  • Gather ‘news’ through a google form and one on one asking 
  • A box titled ‘things that make you smile’ in Jones : calendar paper on top 
  • Erasure in newspapers collected in the last week to make ‘facts’

What do we have till now?

Fill out your news here :

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