Exhale …

It has been two years since my journey with Spoken word Poetry began. More than 7 years since my recognition of my declining mental health did. Speaking about it, did not begin in the first 5 years. Neither did acknowledging it exists, so any prospects of help or medication was certainly out of question. IContinue reading “Exhale …”

On Suicide and Losing Hope : Is it really the answer??

Most of the people who know me, know this about me; I fall prey to depression. And I have been diagnosed, and treated and it was all pretty public, as I had to take a year off my college to recover, physically and emotionally. Last month, it happened to me again. I lost hope. ItContinue reading “On Suicide and Losing Hope : Is it really the answer??”

Cutting and self harm : The reality of it all…

I sincerely apologize for my lack of posts in the past month, I was sometimes sick and sometimes just out of areas with net access, and had a bit of an accident. But what I’m talking about here is serious. I recently read a lot of books about depression, self harm and this is whatContinue reading “Cutting and self harm : The reality of it all…”

The Live Love Laugh Foundation : A brave new world

Wow. Depression. Not something people talk about everyday or admit to, but its there,  lurking in the shadows, under the surface, ready to drag you down at any point you get weak. We have always had a big taboo when it comes to talking about mental disorders.There is a lot of stigma around mental illness,Continue reading “The Live Love Laugh Foundation : A brave new world”