Exhale …

It has been two years since my journey with Spoken word Poetry began. More than 7 years since my recognition of my declining mental health did. Speaking about it, did not begin in the first 5 years. Neither did acknowledging it exists, so any prospects of help or medication was certainly out of question. IContinue reading “Exhale …”


It has been a while since I got my bearings back. I mean yes, I have been posting and yes I have been very active on my social media but we all know the facade that social media can be. With almost every aspect of my life in shambles, I stopped talking, writing and immersedContinue reading “Chaos”

Tamasha : Imtiaz Ali did it again

Everyone I know asked me the same question today. How was Tamasha? Its Imtiaz Ali, A R Rahman, Irshad Kamil : Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. A movie couldn’t ask for a better team to work with and as viewers, its all of ours dream come true. Well. Let me start by saying. Tamasha isn’tContinue reading “Tamasha : Imtiaz Ali did it again”