It has been a while since I got my bearings back. I mean yes, I have been posting and yes I have been very active on my social media but we all know the facade that social media can be. With almost every aspect of my life in shambles, I stopped talking, writing and immersedContinue reading “Chaos”

Spoken word poetry : The journey so far!

It hasn’t been long, my dalliance with spoken word poetry. While I always have been writing, I never really found a direction I wanted my writing to be taken in. It was always trying my hand at this and that and seeing what works the best. And on a very similar conquest, I came acrossContinue reading “Spoken word poetry : The journey so far!”

Spoken word poetry: A new venture

Often when i was young, i tried writing poems,only the poetry i wrote felt different. I struggled to make words rhyme. In my head, I’d wonder, why should i look for a rhyming word whenthe perfect word to describe the emotion, is right there! I got frustrated. Result: Stopped writing poetry. But recently i wasContinue reading “Spoken word poetry: A new venture”